Blizzard Music Festival Press Release

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The annual Blizzard Music Festival attracts not only local fans but also an abundance of tourists, opening up opportunities for West Kootenay musicians to share their talents on stage with Canadian music icons drawn to the alpine city of Rossland, BC. After a two-year hiatus from 2021–2022, the festival planned to return with an eclectic mix of music from folk/Americana to punk, electronic, and funk. In order to get the word out that the festival was back up and running, Festival Coordinator Dan D’Amour got in touch with us to produce and distribute a press release for the Jan. 25–28, 2023 event. Our experience in journalism gives us the inside scoop on determining what’s newsworthy, and we were able to quickly frame and format the Blizzard Music Fest news into a press release that increased their chances of getting noticed and published by multiple media outlets through our curated distribution list of local, provincial, national, and specialty news and media outlets.

Photos by Valhalla Images.

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