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Photo collage of the writer's block solutions team in 2023

A Year of Magic, Mayhem, and Madness

This holiday season, the Writer’s Block Solutions team wants to share a little bit of our joy with everyone who has made this year so meaningful. We’re so grateful to be able to work together and support each other through months of magic, mayhem, and madness. Allow us to sprinkle a touch of pixie dust from our year-in-review, and please join...


Unquote: Supporting the IncrEDIBLE Local Food Industry

Supporting the IncrEDIBLE Local Food Industry with Gina Ironmonger of Trail’s IncrEDIBLE Farmers Market: as journalists and content writers, the Writer’s Block Solutions team has the opportunity to speak with tons of incredible people. However, depending on the assignment, sometimes a brief interview is edited down to a single quote in a short article. That’s why we’ve decided to share...

a close-up of an Imperial typewriter

The Tides of Traditional Publishing: Author Resources

With an ocean-sized pool of handy dandy online resources at our fingertips, there’s no better time to enter the previously mysterious caverns of traditional publishing as an author. As countless experts now offer priceless tips, tricks, and tools of the trade online, oftentimes for free, yeeting our words into the weeds of Big Five publication is more accessible than ever. ...

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