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Impressing and engaging an audience is harder than ever in an increasingly competitive world. Our professional communicators approach all assignments with meticulous attention to accuracy, tone, and authenticity, ensuring you stand out to the right people, with the right words.

Press Releases & Distribution

Our experience in journalism gives us the inside scoop on determining what’s newsworthy. Properly framing and formatting a press release increases your chances of getting noticed and published by multiple media outlets, helps boost awareness and SEO, and increases your visibility to help grow your business, organization, or community reputation. In addition to writing and editing press releases, our Media Distribution Add-on includes distribution to our carefully curated list of local, provincial, national, and/or specialty news and media outlets.

Email Newsletters

We focus on fine-tuning your message by delivering a tightly packaged, visually appealing newsletter. No matter your objectives, we work with you to select the type and frequency of communications that will best showcase your company, while engaging and informing your audience.

Our Reporting Add-on includes auditing and optimizing your newsletter account, making recommendations for audience management, and consulting on your metrics to keep tabs on how your newsletter is performing.

Articles, Blogs, Case Studies

Whether you prefer to write the content yourself, talk through it in a voice recording, or just have our editors look over what you’ve jotted down, we can help polish your article, blog, or case study for print or online publication. We’re happy to jump in at any stage — brainstorming, drafting, editing, or all of the above!

Our Posting, Optimization, and Digital/Print Layout add-ons include posting content to your Squarespace, Wix, or WordPress website on your behalf, optimizing your news page or blog for your audience, and branding/formatting your content for print or web.


We facilitate interviews to capture voices from community members, partners, staff members, influencers, supporters, or anyone you’d like your audience to hear from or know more about. Our written content is often paired with photos and/or video to be presented in a multimedia format. We also consult with you on how best to package Q&A features for blogs, newsletters, and/or social media platforms to drive engagement with meaningful content.

Bios/About Me Copy

Bios and About Me copy establish trust and connection with your client or audience by presenting your credentials and experience. We know people can be shy when it comes to writing about themselves, but we’re experts at capturing your voice so you can introduce yourself effectively. Let us help by writing copy or editing content you’ve already put together for your website, an article, the back of your book, or to promote your event — the list goes on!

Advertorial & Marketing Copy

We work with you to produce a polished product that will set you apart from your competitors by refining your copy and developing a voice that resonates with your audience. Whether it’s for a marketing campaign, event promotion, or otherwise, we’ll ensure your words have impact.

Magazine Facilitation & Production

We specialize in identifying and developing a consistent brand voice through language and tone, and we can also help edit content, wrangle writers, and ensure deadlines are met for a polished final product. We recommend our Communications Consultation & Strategy service with a focus on magazine production for new publications. Following that, we will provide an estimate for your specific needs.

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Juggling multiple communications channels is challenging. Our solutions help ease the burden.

What People Are Saying

Rebecca RichardsMetal Tech Alley
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“Val and Kyla are always professional in their work. It is high quality and they really take the time to understand our needs for the final piece. They are also very skilled at project management. We hired them to manage a year-long Metal Tech Alley blog project and it was always on schedule. We couldn't have done it without them!”
Jenine LehfeldtSweet Serenity Yoga & Wellness
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“These girls know what they're doing! They've edited many of my poorly worded documents with their magical wordsmithing and turned them into something publishable. Their skills at creating well-versed articles and press releases for publication are bar-none. With their services, I’ve reached a wider audience than I ever could have hoped for on my own through radio, online press, and print.”
Lauren CarbisThe Prevail Project
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“Writer’s Block Solutions is the backbone of our interviews. I have been fortunate to work with these incredibly smart, dedicated, passionate women since my company’s inception. Through words that speak truth, they understand the company’s vision, mission, and voice and effectively capture and communicate some of the real, raw challenges and triumphs women face in their careers and lifestyles. Our goal is to ultimately inspire and impact our audience to reach their highest potential through storytelling. Writer’s Block Solutions is not just a service, it’s a collaboration that I find personally fulfilling. I’m proud to be a part of such a fun, energetic team.”
Morgan KnullFeed Your Genes
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“After sharing some poorly written blog posts on my website, I realized I wasn't engaging my target clients and that I needed help. Kyla and Val came highly recommended by several colleagues. On my own, I struggled to organize a simple format to share complex information; since working with Writer’s Block Solutions, my clients have told me I made things easy for them to understand. My clients use these blogs as a resource to support their success and are grateful for how smooth the content is. After sharing my blogs, my website traffic is 6 times above average. I will continue to prioritize Writer’s Block Solutions — it’s an expense my business cannot afford to skip.”
Chris LeglerAxios Growth Consultants
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“I have been using Writer's Block Solutions to help write a regular newsletter for my company. Writer's Block Solutions has been fantastic in understanding my business and conveying useful information to my mailing list. Their organization skills have helped in developing useful topics and creating timely newsletters. Since using Writer's Block Solutions, inquiries into my business have increased significantly which has also increased my client base. Both Kyla and Val are fantastic to work with and I would recommend them if you need assistance writing for your business.”
Jennifer DupuisBaird & Dupuis Real Estate
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“Writer's Block Solutions has been an integral part of my business’ marketing plan. Val and Kyla are amazing to work with. They consistently take my notes and thoughts and turn them into beautiful words; they’ve helped me with website content, advertising materials, and my most recent project where I’ve been fortunate to interview and feature people who live and work/own businesses in my community. If you’re struggling with writing content, they’re the experts! Thank you, Writer's Block Solutions, for your awesome service.”

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