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As writers and editors, we understand how fulfilling (and brain-draining) drafting a story can be. We also know the journey doesn’t stop when you write “The End.” Our team of writing, editing, and marketing experts is here to support you from drafting to editing and beyond.

Communications Confab — Author Solutions Version

Designed for authors at any stage in the process — outlining, drafting, revising, querying, self-publishing, book marketing, etc. — these live video consultation sessions with our book editing experts could be just what you need to get organized and stay motivated. After the session, you’ll receive a recording of the Confab and a final summary document with additional resources and advice tailored specifically to you.

Book Editing

We can help at any and all stages in the editing process: developmental, substantive, structural, stylistic, copyediting, and proofreading. If you need help identifying what level of editing you need, review our blog post breaking down each editing stage. Or, get in touch, and we’ll conduct a complimentary sample edit to see if we’re a fit. We can’t wait to read your story!

Traditional Publishing Support

Approaching traditional or indie publishers can involve querying literary agents for representation or pitching directly to editors. We offer packages and add-ons for everything from social media pitches and query letters to author bios and synopses. Since we’re well-versed in the querying process, we can also be a helpful sounding board for strategy, data collection and organization, and moral support.

Self-Publishing Support

For authors interested in self-publishing, a query letter won’t serve you, but author bios, synopses, and back-cover copy are all crucial to marketing your book after publication. We offer packages and add-ons for self-publishing, from the editing stages all the way through supporting you with Amazon KDP or other DIY publishing platforms.

Marketing & Post-Publishing Support

If you’d like to receive coaching, support, and/or consulting about marketing before or after you’ve published your book, contact us to tailor the right solution for you! We’ll customize our Communications Solutions and Website Solutions to fit your needs and address your ideal reader.

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Juggling multiple communications channels is challenging. Our solutions help ease the burden.

What People Are Saying

Chelsea GirardinAuthor
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“As a novice writer embarking on the manuscript editing journey, I had no idea what to expect. The team at Writer's Block Solutions made the process seamless from start to finish and I learned a lot along the way. Writing a book isn't for the faint of heart and requires a lot of energy — both mentally and monetarily — but if neither is an issue, I highly recommend Writer's Block Solutions. Their prompt communication and unwavering support turned my massive project into an exciting challenge.”
Jayne DoxtaterAuthor
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“Val introduced me to her business partner Kyla Girling, who worked with me on my memoir project, The Box in the Closet. Kyla was not only my editor, but she also helped me through the entire process, lifting me up with encouragement and humour, playing the devil's advocate at times, and discussing every aspect of the story in a fun and easygoing manner! Writer’s Block Solutions’ knowledge, guidance, and fast response times made it so easy to keep writing my book. I also really appreciate Elise's contributions; her style and personality were a fit right from the start, which is so important during the editing phase of a book. I look forward to working with her and Writer’s Block Solutions on my next literary project. They’ve been great cheerleaders throughout my journey and I’m forever grateful for these amazing women. I highly recommend Writer's Block Solutions and am proud to call Kyla and Val my friends.”
Nicholas Auger-ChrétienAuthor & Poet
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"Working with Writer’s Block Solutions has been a wonderful experience. Their expertise, knowledge, and amount of time and dedication is unquestionable. They work with such passion for you and your project in such a unique way. I highly recommend their services. Working with Elise and all the team has been a real blessing. Will definitely work with them in the future. You feel valued, empowered and they take the time to listen to your suggestions and vice-versa. Thanks again Elise & everyone! You girls rock 🤘"

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