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Welcome industry leaders, professional powerhouses, daydreaming authors, and folks desperately googling copywriters!
Writing and editing content yourself can feel futile — especially if you don’t have the time, confidence, or expertise to execute it well. Unclear communication can create confusion, stress, and disconnection if your clients or readers don’t understand or relate to your messaging.
Before you hit that self-destruct button — we can help! Communications can be invigorating with the right support in place. While you have a wealth of experience and knowledge within your field, you may need assistance sharing your insights for that competitive edge in a saturated market. Whether you’re on top of your game but struggling to write for your community or just unclear on how to speak to your audience, we got you. Your communications need to be as clear, creative, polished, and professional as you are to deliver thoughtful, targeted, and successful messaging and results. Easy, right?

We Help You Reach the Right Audience

We excel in helping clients share their stories through content marketing. Our meticulous attention to accuracy, tone, and authenticity ensures you stand out, helping you gain clarity and confidence along the way. Tired of staring at a blank page? Go from frustrated and stuck — unable to clearly communicate your message — to mobilized and supported by a team of strong communicators. Clear, engaging messaging across all channels will ensure your ideal clients understand and engage with your business.

What We Do

Move off the panic train of “What do I talk about?!” and onto a clear track where you know what to say and how to say it. We help you develop a clear and practical brand outline that’s consistent and easy to use for all business-related communications.
Whether you’re revamping existing web copy or starting fresh, we can help you tell a story that sets you apart, makes a positive impression, and encourages new connections and sales.
Impressing and engaging an audience is harder than ever in an increasingly competitive world. Our professional communicators approach all assignments with meticulous attention to accuracy, tone, and authenticity, ensuring you stand out to the right people, with the right words.
As writers and editors, we understand how fulfilling (and brain-draining) drafting a story can be. We also know the journey doesn’t stop when you write “The End.” Our team of writing, editing, and marketing experts is here to support you from drafting to editing and beyond.
Writer’s Block Solutions is a boutique, female-led copywriting, editing, and communications consulting company with a wealth of experience in a variety of fields, including book editing and publishing, marketing, and journalism. While the majority of our deliverables are published online, we come from print-focused, traditional educational backgrounds and still also work with print media. Our well-rounded team is not afraid to try new things — in fact, we thrive off a challenge.
Valerie Rossi founder of writers block solutions

Val Rossi

Journalist & Founding Maestro

Managing Editor & Project Wrangler

Kyla Girling

Managing Editor & Project Wrangler

Digital Marketing & Tech Whiz

Elise Volkman

Digital Marketing & Tech Whiz

Writer & Editor Extraordinaire

Sky Regina

Writer & Editor Extraordinaire


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What People Are Saying

Jenine LehfeldtSweet Serenity Yoga & Wellness (Press Releases + Distribution)
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“These girls know what they're doing! They've edited many of my poorly worded documents with their magical wordsmithing and turned them into something publishable. Their skills at creating well-versed articles and press releases for publication are bar-none. With their services, I’ve reached a wider audience than I ever could have hoped for on my own through radio, online press, and print.”
Rachel LindseyLanguages Canada (Large Document Editing, Technical Writing)
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"Languages Canada — Canada's national association for English and French language education programs — hired Writer's Block Solutions to help produce a five-year strategic plan, which will guide the work of the association until 2024. Working with Writer's Block Solutions has given a level of polish to this important document that we couldn't have achieved in-house. Languages Canada has since hired the Writer's Block Solutions team for two more technical writing jobs, and plans to continue to use their expertise in the years ahead to raise the calibre of our external communications."
Lauren CarbisThe Prevail Project (Q&As)
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“Writer’s Block Solutions is the backbone of our interviews. I have been fortunate to work with these incredibly smart, dedicated, passionate women since my company’s inception. Through words that speak truth, they understand the company’s vision, mission, and voice and effectively capture and communicate some of the real, raw challenges and triumphs women face in their careers and lifestyles. Our goal is to ultimately inspire and impact our audience to reach their highest potential through storytelling. Writer’s Block Solutions is not just a service, it’s a collaboration that I find personally fulfilling. I’m proud to be a part of such a fun, energetic team.”
Morgan KnullFeed Your Genes (Blogs)
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“After sharing some poorly written blog posts on my website, I realized I wasn't engaging my target clients and that I needed help. Kyla and Val came highly recommended by several colleagues. On my own, I struggled to organize a simple format to share complex information; since working with Writer’s Block Solutions, my clients have told me I made things easy for them to understand. My clients use these blogs as a resource to support their success and are grateful for how smooth the content is. After sharing my blogs, my website traffic is 6 times above average. I will continue to prioritize Writer’s Block Solutions — it’s an expense my business cannot afford to skip.”
Chris LeglerAxios Growth Consultants (Newsletters)
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“I have been using Writer's Block Solutions to help write a regular newsletter for my company. Writer's Block Solutions has been fantastic in understanding my business and conveying useful information to my mailing list. Their organization skills have helped in developing useful topics and creating timely newsletters. Since using Writer's Block Solutions, inquiries into my business have increased significantly which has also increased my client base. Both Kyla and Val are fantastic to work with and I would recommend them if you need assistance writing for your business.”
Jennifer DupuisBaird & Dupuis Real Estate (Q&As, Marketing Copy)
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“Writer's Block Solutions has been an integral part of my business’ marketing plan. Val and Kyla are amazing to work with. They consistently take my notes and thoughts and turn them into beautiful words; they’ve helped me with website content, advertising materials, and my most recent project where I’ve been fortunate to interview and feature people who live and work/own businesses in my community. If you’re struggling with writing content, they’re the experts! Thank you, Writer's Block Solutions, for your awesome service.”
Jackie KenmarePinnacle Homes (Website Copy)
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“Writer's Block Solutions was so amazing to work with! I can't say enough good things about them. I needed a new website and naively thought I could write the copy and content myself. After 6 months of getting nowhere, I engaged Kyla and Val to help me. From the initial meeting all the way through to proofing the final copy on the website, the process was enjoyable and stress-free. They are very professional while also keeping things light and fun. I am beyond satisfied with how my website turned out and don't think anyone out there can do it as well as Writer's Block Solutions!”
Laura WhiteRevy Web Design (Website Copy)
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“Kyla, Val, and Becky are a dream to work with! I reached out to them to overhaul the copy on my website so I could attract ideal clients. I can definitively tell you that since making the new copy live, my inbox has been exploding with new clients! I'm really pleased with the final copy and feel I can recycle it across all my channels. They're a power team and a ton of fun to work with. Thank you so much!”
Keyrsten McEwanKeyrsten McEwan Nutrition + Wellness (Website Copy)
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“Kyla, Val, and Sky are amazing. They helped me create copy for my website. Initially, I was hesitant as I didn't want the copy to ‘not sound like me.’ But the team really took the time to get to know me and my needs, and I am SO happy with the final product.”
Nils FrenchGovernment of Canada (Large Document Editing)
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"My team hired Writer's Block Solutions to conduct a final edit on an important strategic document for the Government of Canada. We were very impressed with the quality and timeliness of their work. They increased the clarity of our document and fixed numerous errors that we had missed, which is exactly what we needed. The Writer's Block Solutions team is extremely skilled. We'll be turning to them next time for sure."
Chelsea GirardinAuthor (Book Editing)
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“As a novice writer embarking on the manuscript editing journey, I had no idea what to expect. The team at Writer's Block Solutions made the process seamless from start to finish and I learned a lot along the way. Writing a book isn't for the faint of heart and requires a lot of energy — both mentally and monetarily — but if neither is an issue, I highly recommend Writer's Block Solutions. Their prompt communication and unwavering support turned my massive project into an exciting challenge.”

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