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Move off the panic train of “What do I talk about?!” and onto a clear track where you know what to say and how to say it. We help you develop a clear and practical brand outline that’s consistent and easy to use for all business-related communications.

Communications Consultation & Strategy

During a Communications Consultation & Strategy, we clearly define your goals and audience, and provide a framework for your communications. By the end of the process, you’ll have a clear and consistent outline of your brand that informs our recommendations, presented in a single easy-to-reference document that ensures all your business-related communications are cohesive and effective.

Communications Confab

Designed for entrepreneurs and small businesses, these live video consultation sessions with our experts could be just what you need to get jazzed, motivated, and organized. After the session, you’ll receive a recording of the Confab and a final summary document with recommendations and resources that will help elevate your business communications.

Social Media Consultation & Strategy

The Social Media Consultation & Strategy will help you clearly define your goals and audience, and provide a framework for social media content that attracts and engages your target audience. In addition to defining content guidelines and making recommendations on which platforms to use, we’ll develop and define brand, tone, and language parameters.

Social Media Content

Using your Consultation & Strategy document as a foundation, we offer further support in drafting, editing, and revising social posts and/or post templates for all your platforms. We always include hashtags and suggestions for photo and/or video content because visuals are vital to effectively speak to your social communities.

Reports, Strategic Plans, Presentations & Large Documents

Reading is our greatest passion and we won’t balk at your word or page count. With the help of our trained editors, you can be confident your reports are clear, polished, and professional for delivery to your colleagues or clients. We’ll also work with you to ensure visual consistency throughout your documents and templates, so that your brand quickly becomes familiar and recognizable throughout your communications.

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Juggling multiple communications channels is challenging. Our solutions help ease the burden.

What People Are Saying

Paula VeraPolar Peak Popcorn
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“Writer’s Block Solutions were incredibly helpful with the expansion of our social media. Their keen sense of what works and how to structure pages and posts was very helpful. Their feedback is prompt, well organized, and easy to reference. I highly recommend working with Val and Kyla if you’re looking to bring your online presence to a professional level."
Chris MarshClear Sky Consulting
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"I've worked with Writer's Block Solutions on a few projects and they are exceptional at what they do. They've provided excellent support for reports that I have written and really helped clarify and structure my writing. I look forward to working with them on many projects in the future."
Genevieve FortinMapleloop
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"Valerie Rossi and Writer's Block Solutions have a way to streamline communications materials while maintaining an excellent quality of language to produce clear messaging. Great work!"
Rachel LindseyLanguages Canada
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"Languages Canada — Canada's national association for English and French language education programs — hired Writer's Block Solutions to help produce a five-year strategic plan, which will guide the work of the association until 2024. Working with Writer's Block Solutions has given a level of polish to this important document that we couldn't have achieved in-house. Languages Canada has since hired the Writer's Block Solutions team for two more technical writing jobs, and plans to continue to use their expertise in the years ahead to raise the calibre of our external communications."
Nils FrenchGovernment of Canada
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"My team hired Writer's Block Solutions to conduct a final edit on an important strategic document for the Government of Canada. We were very impressed with the quality and timeliness of their work. They increased the clarity of our document and fixed numerous errors that we had missed, which is exactly what we needed. The Writer's Block Solutions team is extremely skilled. We'll be turning to them next time for sure."

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