The Box in the Closet Memoir

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In 2019, Jayne approached us with her partially completed memoir manuscript and some trepidation about working with an editor. She wanted to honestly recount her experiences as the partner of someone transitioning and tell her version from a place of love. For Jayne, preservation of her voice was of utmost importance. She wanted advice and coaching, but also for her editor to understand her point of view at that moment in time. We met with her, listened to her concerns, and then offered a complimentary trial edit of an unedited chapter, which helped us determine the type of editing she needed and also gave her a feel for working with us. In addition to editing her manuscript and coaching her through the writing process, Jayne needed support drafting and polishing an author bio, a few versions of the book’s summary (for the back of the book, online listings, and marketing materials), and an acknowledgements section. Read more about this project here.

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Writing, Editing, Proofreading, Book Coaching

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