5 Years in the Business of Words

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✨Five Quotes for Five Years✨


Writer’s Block Solutions is celebrating five years in the business of words on October 30th! We asked our team: “Real quick, in exactly five words, tell me something you love about WBS.” Here’s how they answered:

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Becky: “We create connection and communication.”

Kyla: “Creative collaboration with colleagues/clients.”

Elise: “Learning better communication from you.”

Sky: “Part of a supportive team!”

Val: “Five, eh?! Haha.”

That’s the writer’s equivalent of “Hold my beer.”

Val: “Writer’s Block Solutions is run by headstrong, talented, creative, passionate women who have worked hard to redefine content marketing and develop services that really do help their clients and their communities. While the majority of our deliverables are online, we all come from print-focused, traditional educational backgrounds (Journalism, English, etc.). A bit old school meets new school, we have the ability to see a project through from concept to production. We’re not afraid to try something new — in fact, we thrive off of a challenge. 

“Our curious spirit means  the company is always churning — iterating and growing to meet the needs of the communities it serves. We go to great lengths to get to know our clients and understand what they’re trying to say. We feed off collaboration, and value voice and perspective from our clients and other creative contributors. We are the hardest working content writing and editing company you will ever work with. 

“We sleep in our books and dream in our heads and our fairy dust is that while we’re serious about our work, we don’t take life too seriously.”

Honestly, this is our fault for giving writers a word-count limit. But that’s why we employ fabulous editors as well:

Val: “Serious about work, not life.”



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