From Colleague to Client: Collaborating with Revy Web Design

This post is a part of our services overview series, “What the Heck Do We Do?”.


Laura White is a powerhouse web designer that not only excels in her field, but taught herself how to do it all by tinkering with computers and experimenting in IT for many years. With talent like hers, a passion-turned-business went live and was getting plenty of hits, but could she go at it alone? 

It seemed that her skills were so sought after that the answer was yes, but no. Laura was so busy that she needed help — she wanted a team. What she built instead was a community. 


Outsourcing Turns Burnout to Bonding 

Laura tried to build websites for small businesses all on her own in her adopted hometown of Revelstoke, BC, but she found herself so busy that burnout was inevitable. Slammed with clients, she saw a window of opportunity in the spaces she couldn’t fill. Clients needed their websites designed but they also needed professional photos, killer web copy, SEO, branding; the list went on! There were so many elements involved in making the best websites and these were skills that she needed to outsource. Collaborating with other professionals became a win-win for Laura: as she found creatives and tech geniuses that she could recommend to her clients, she also founded a digital team-like environment and Revy Web Design reached new peaks.

Now the task was explaining her innovative community-driven collective of experts to potential clients. Easy, right? Not so fast. Talking about yourself is deeply uncomfortable for many, including Laura, but she always rises to a challenge. With a little help from the Writer’s Block Solutions team, her target message was elevated and Revelstoke was paying even more attention.

Kyla, Val, and Becky are a dream to work with! I reached out to them to overhaul the copy on my website so I could attract my ideal clients. They're a power team and a ton of fun to work with. —Laura White


Community Creation

Working with her local community is a very important part of Laura’s ethos, so it made sense that she would reach out to us. We’d already established a personal connection through a collab on the Tōk website. She wanted help sharing her story and needed her web copy to be absolutely flawless (she is creating websites for others after all). We were honoured to have the opportunity to work with someone who knows good web copy and trusted us to showcase her business. 

Working with Laura and the Revy Web Design team was an absolute pleasure! They're not only very talented, but also responsive, fast, and incredibly personable. If you're a business in Revelstoke (or somewhere close) looking for an A+ web design team, this is definitely my recommendation. 10/10, thanks Revy! —Kyla Girling


So we got to work distilling the message and understanding Laura’s specific needs. After our detailed and important Communications Consultation & Strategy process we had a plan: create simple and powerful messaging on her home and about pages that speaks directly to her target market (motivated and engaged well-established small-to-medium sized businesses) and invite prospective clients to really get to know her team through personal bios presented as a community collective. This was important to her specific needs, as the point was to highlight the collaboration and showcase the local talent that Revy Web Design had to offer. We nailed down some key words and ideas, noted points to highlight, and created sparkling little bios for all of her crew, including Juniper, her data entry clerk Maine coon that’s a cat-of-all-trades. Overall, we let her sleek work shine but ensured the words gave Revy a solid foundation.


The “About Me” Problem 

A woman at a laptop with a cat in the background, with the text "Laura White" and "Owner & Lead Web Designer" next to it, as well as a brief bio about Laura.

Talking about yourself, especially your strengths and accomplishments, is a sticky situation for so many people. The ‘about me’ section is one of our most commonly requested web copy SOSs. Laura had learned that she needed to delegate and find a team to support her, and in reaching out to us she found the right folks. We LOVE to write “about us” sections — it’s like bragging about our friends to a stranger! We created web copy that she loved and also brought her a spike in new clients. Laura White knows the power of a good website and thankfully let us contribute our expertise. Having built her community, she passed the torch to us so we could help her shout the news from the rooftops — er, or to the internet. You get it.

“I can definitively tell you that since making the new copy live my email inbox has been exploding with new clients! I’m really pleased with the final copy and feel I can recycle it across all my channels,” says Laura.

Creating web copy that imparts a desired message and gives life to a website is one of our favourite things to do for our small business clients. The excitement that comes with showcasing their passion blended with the real-time results of more website traffic is a beautiful thing! Are you struggling with that “about me” copy? Or just want the words on your website to pack the most punch? Reach out and let us join your team for a little while. We’d love to help bring your ideas to life.

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