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What the Heck Do We Do? Our Services

What the Heck Do We Do? Get to Know Our Services

What do you do when the words just don’t come? Maybe you force out some bullet points and call it a day, or you start to research tips for writing and get sucked into a rabbit hole of distractions. Often, you may close the page and decide you’re just not cut out for writing at all. Writer’s Block Solutions is...

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Who Is Writer’s Block Solutions?

We take words very seriously. (Life? Not so much.) With experience in everything from journalism and podcasting to roller derby and rescue animals, we are naturally curious, adventurous, and ready to take on new challenges. Our team has a wide range of complementary skills that makes for a seamless working relationship....

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We Were Hiring – but the position has been filled!

Applications for this position are now CLOSED and this position has been filled! Thank you to everyone who applied for the Digital Marketing & Tech Whiz role. Writer’s Block Solutions (WBS) was seeking a part-time Digital Marketing & Tech Whiz to join our boutique copywriting and editing company for a one-year term. WBS primarily serves professional and business clientele with...

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Make Sure it’s Funny: Comedy Writing is Hard

Comedy writing is hard. First of all, what's funny is often subjective, which makes it especially tricky. There's the ever-looming risk of the cliché. It's easy to sound hackneyed, especially if you're new to writing funny. And it can be discouraging when it isn't as respected as "serious" writing, but then it's also oh-so-golden when it lands just right....

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Copy or Content: Which is It?

People often use the words ‘copy’ and ‘content’ interchangeably, although they aren’t exactly the same thing. Sure, they both involve words - but it’s what those words are doing that marks the difference. Why should you care? Can't you leave this up to the writers or the marketing experts or...

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